Des citoyens revendiquent une meilleure qualité de l’air

Un bel exemple d’une action locale, citoyenne et participative pour revendiquer une meilleure qualité de l’air. Parce que la pollution et la santé ne font pas bon ménage!

Citizens action to demand clean air in Brussels – by BruxselAIR

Hello everyone! We just finished a video of Saturday's citizen action, check it out!You were more than 400 to participate in our citizen action to protest against air pollution in #Brussels. In total, we put air pollution masks on more than a hundred iconic statues of the city and then staged a “mannequin challenge” representing the inability of Belgian decision makers to adequately tackle this crucial issue.#Belgium is one of the most polluted countries in Europe. Air #pollution has been linked to shorter life expectancy, lung and heart conditions, breast cancer and diabetes. The European Environmental Agency estimates that more than 12,000 Belgian citizens die prematurely each year from air pollution. Moreover, according to the EU Commission, health costs linked to air pollution amount to over €8 billion every year in our country.This has to stop.Like/share this video to show our politicians that we want them to act!#BXLDemandsCleanAirPascal Smet, Céline Fremault, Rudi Vervoort, Maggie De Block, Guy Vanhengel, Bernard Clerfayt, Charles MICHEL, Johan Van Overtveldt, Ben Weyts, Yvan MayeurCc: BRAL.Brussels, GRACQ

Publié par Bruxsel'air sur mardi 21 février 2017

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